Nicole Minott & David Hurst

Nicole Minott & David Hurst

Grooms Parents: Randy and Jill Hurst
Brides Parents: Win and Brenda Minott

Date of Engagement: July 23, 2012
Wedding Date: August 2014
Shower Date: June 2014

How Did You Meet?: We went to the same high school and had the same group of friends. We did not start dating until Nicole was a senior in high school and David was a sophomore in college.

Engagement Story?: After returning from a family vacation in New Hampshire, we shared one more relaxing day off before going back to work. While lounging in the pool at home, David pulled a ring out hidden behind the filter. He had attached the ring to a floating key chain. There was a written message on the key chain, it read…Marry me? David was then on his knee, not very noticeable being in the pool. It’s a good thing Nicole was floating on a tube otherwise she may have gone under the water in her shock.

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