Pavi Elle & Michael Elle

Pavi Elle & Michael Elle

A Great

Our Story: Michael & Pavi Elle
July 22, 2011– Detroit, MI First Encounter
One evening after checking my daily matches on, I noticed I was listed as someone’s favorite.

“Who’s Favorited Me (6)”…Michael? Click!
That’s odd I thought: “This guy isn’t listed in my match results, how did he find me?” So, I read his profile and to my surprise we were most compatible with the exception of the age group. He was one year outside my age preference. Why not give it a try? So, I waited…

A Message
With my interest peaked, I patiently waited for Michaels message, which came
shortly after I read his profile. In his message he commented on everything that was dear to me, it’s obvious he read my profile. After weeks of correspondence and late night phone calls, we finally decided to meet on a sunny afternoon over our favorite seafood dinner. That was July 22, 2011, and we’ve been seeing each other every day since.

The Engagement
Engagements Announcements 2 - Pavi Elle & Michael ElleI knew we were heading in the right direction when Michael told me that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked if I would like shop for an engagement ring with him. So, we began our search around July, 2012. I choose three rings and waited for him to pop the question, and boy…did I wait. Once November came, I started growing very impatient. I began wondering if he’d even ask me…was he having second thoughts? Then it came, the day after Thanksgiving, November 23, 2012. I’d just come home from Brazil, tired and quickly jumped in bed. He came in, knelt on the bed and presented this sweet presentation of pictures from all the dates and travels we spent together. Then, the last photo was a picture of a ring, which was not my first choice and he secretly knew it. When he asked me if I would say yes if he gave me that ring, I said of course – Then he says, “Good! Because I actually got you this one!” and presented me with my first choice ring! Yes, he’s tricked me! But, I was pleased and even more so that I will be married to the man of my dreams on October 5, 2014. ~Pavi Elle.

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