Rachel McClure & Dan Svacha

Rachel McClure & Dan Svacha

Grooms Parents: Rachel McClure & Dan Svacha
Brides Parents: Bryan and Cheryl Merillat, Robert McClure

Date of Engagement: 5-4-2011
Wedding Date: 6-1-12
Shower Date: 5-12-12
Registered At: Bed Bath and Beyond

How Did You Meet?: At work. So taboo.

Engagement Story?: I convinced Rachel to take a walk with me in the Arboretum in Ann Arbor. In front of the Peonies garden, I got down on one knee to propose. She might have speculated the engagement coming because the walk was somewhat out of the norm, but she didn’t know that the whole thing was caught on camera. The pictures afterwards showed both of us with a smile that seemed to be permanently adhered to our faces.

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