Rebecca Wright & Brandon Tucker

Rebecca Wright & Brandon TuckerGroom’s Parents: Calvin and Beverly Tucker
Bride’s Parents: Dwain and Michelle Wright
Date of Engagement: Christmas  – 12/25/2010
Wedding Date: 6/11/2011
Shower Date: Spring 2011
Registered at: TBD

How we meet?    We weren’t exactly high school sweethearts.  We weren’t exactly high school friends.  But over ten years ago, we did walk the same hallways of Southfield High School, home of the Blue jays; We barely knew one another, rarely spoke…other than an occasional hello, and even shared no classes.  Only God knew, that one day, we would share the same last name.   After eleven years, our reconnection was helped through the wonders of facebook, and the divine intervention of God…on January 24th, 2010, Rebecca and I shared our very first date…and since that day, we have been inseparable.

Rebecca Wright & Brandon TuckerEngagement story:    Rebecca is a very unique and amazing woman, who loves the simple things in life.  So what better way to propose than a gift on Christmas.  Rebecca and I had been talking about marriage, and I wanted her to have the exact ring she desired.  So I decided to involve her in the ring choosing process.  After several trips to Rottermond’s, Christine Knight was a godsend in helping us design the perfect aquamarine/diamond engagement ring.  Rebecca had no idea I was getting the ring.  It had been several months since we designed it.  I decided to re-enact a proposal from one of her favorite movies – Serendipity.  So, on Christmas morning, I told her to check under the tree.  She found a very large, 3ft box gift wrapped in all silver with an aquamarine bow on top.  She carefully opened and discarded the wrapping paper.  After opening another smaller box, followed by another and another.  She opened 4 boxes.  Clearly laughing and slightly frustrated…she reached the final box.  I could see the excitement building in her as she tore the paper off the last box to see a beautiful Rottermond’s ring case with a beautiful bow on it.  Rebecca took a deep breath and opened it, only to see that it was completely empty.  She then threw the ring box at me and laughed.  “Where is my actual Christmas gift?” she asked.  I laughed, took her hand, and told her she was my best friend, my love and the best thing to ever happen to me.  I could see her heart was racing.  I then got on one knee, with soft music playing and asked her would she spend the rest of her life with me…she turned away and immediately started crying…and then responded “YES, YES, YES” and cried in my arms.

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