Risa McReynolds & Michael Lizotte

Risa McReynolds & Michael Lizotte

We call us the “Biggby Love”

Bride’s Parents: Sherry and Phillip Mc Reynolds
Groom’s Parents: Shirley Lizotte

Date of Engagement: November 5, 2010
Wedding Date: Spring 2011
Shower Date: To be announced

Risa McReynolds & Michael Lizotte

How they meet: Risa works at a coffee shop. A nice delivery driver, Michael, delivers to the local Jimmy Johns. He started coming into the coffee shop. For over two years, we developed a friendship. Then Risa had to have surgery and was out of work for six months. When Risa returned to work, she went to a different coffee shop location to work. One day guess who walks in, Michael!! They exchanged information and have been together ever since.

We call us the “Biggby Love”.

What’s next: Risa had cancer and as a result can not have children naturally. They wish to have a small wedding, so they can start working on their family.
Risa feels that Michael is going to be the most awesome dad!!

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