Sara Miller & Jim Amberg

Sara Miller & Jim AmbergGroom’s Parents: Richard and Nancy Amberg
Bride’s Parents: William R. Miller, Jr. and Toni Miller
Date of Engagement: 12/10/06
Wedding Date: 8/2/08
Shower Date: MI 5/17/08; OH 6/22/08 (I am from Ohio so my mom threw me a shower there and Jim’s mom threw me one here in MI)

Sara Miller & Jim AmbergHow did you meet? Law school; I was a first year student and Jim was in his third and final year. Jim was assigned as my mentor.

Engagement story: It was on my 28th birthday, it was a Sunday, we were hanging around at home, waiting to go out and celebrate my birthday. He had planned to ask me at dinner that night but he said he was too excited, nervous and anxious to wait that long. So, he gave me my gifts and I opened them. He gave me a
dozen burgundy roses (my favorite!) and he also bought dessert treats from a bakery. He suggested we eat the dessert to celebrate and so I worked on opening the box. When I turned around, he was on one knee and he started to talk. He said the sweetest, most romantic words I have ever heard and then he pulled out the ring box. I was shaking, he was shaking and for the first time in my life, I was speechless! He asked me if I was going to answer and I started crying and just sat on his knee and said YES!!!! Omg, of course yes! We just sat there with each other for a while. I remember, I kept looking at my ring and was in awe! It sparkled, oh my gosh how it sparkled!!! And it was just absolutely stunning. He had the ring since October and hid it in his sock drawer. He was so surprised I didn’t find it!

What I loved most about our engagement was that it was just him and I in our home and we were able to share such a special and memorable moment together. And that ring, how it sparkled! ;

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