Sarah Benyo & Stuart Davis

Sarah Benyo & Stuart Davis

Sarah Benyo & Stuart Davis

Groom’s Parents: Thomas and Ottilie Davis
Bride’s Parents: Samuel and Patricia Agius
Date of Engagement: March 14, 2015
Wedding Date: August 2015

How did you meet?
Stuart and Sarah officially met on December 5, 2005 when Stuart began his new job at the same place that Sarah works. It would not be until some time later that the story would start to unfold.

Engagement story:
Stuart arranged to have a friend invite the the couple out one evening for dinner and an “art tour.” The gesture was intentional so as to deter any knowledge of the impending proposal. Instead of completely agreeing to the “offer”, Stuart and Sarah decided to head to dinner on their own to retrace some events that wind up celebrating the anniversary of their first kiss. They would simply meet up with their friends for the “art tour” later in the evening.

Sarah and Stuart headed to dinner in Detroit to start celebrating. After dinner, they visited the spot of their first kiss and spent a moment remembering. They then started walking toward the Madison building wherein they were to begin the art tour on the rooftop. Along the way, Sarah asked Stuart what they were really going to be doing. There was a tinge of an idea that the plot may have been discovered. Instead, Stuart retrieved his phone and referred to an email he had planted that described the event in some detail. He also pointed to a random limo bus driving by and inferred that it must be one of the busses that would be taking them on the tour.

When the couple arrived at the Madison building, the guard (completely in on it) asked if he could help. They mentioned that they were there for the art tour and he escorted them over to the appropriate elevator and simply started in with everyday small talk. Given that and the email and limo bus, all thoughts of a possible surprise had been completely erased.

When Sarah and Stuart arrived on the rooftop, night had fallen, much was dim, but they could see that something was set up in an enclosed area protected from the elements. They entered the space where tables were adorned with deep purple runners and tealights. A guitarist was playing background music from one of their favorite songs. At the end of the room were two easels with pieces of art set up. As they approached, Sarah started to realize that the art pieces were interpretations of photos of the couple and finally asked what was going on. Stuart turned to her and started telling her all of the sweet things on his mind. Finally he reached over to a table set between the pieces of art and pulled out the presentation box, dipped to one knee, and asked her to marry him. She said yes and the guitarist started singing the chorus to the song he was playing and they danced for a short while. Stuart mentioned that there were others to share the evening with at which point he opened a door allowing some of their closest friends in to share in the celebration.

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