Sharon Korzek & Nicholas Ruffer

Grooms Name: Nicholas John Alexander Ruffer
Brides Name: Sharon Rose Korzek

Sharon Rose Korzek & Nick Ruffer

Sharon Rose Korzek & Nick Ruffer

Grooms Parents: Nicholas and Julie Ruffer
Brides Parents: Scott Korzek and Nanette Tumbleston

Date of Engagement: 06-29-2012
Wedding Date: 09-14-2013
Shower Date: 05-19-2013
Registered At: Target and Bed Bath & Beyond

How Did You Meet?: Nick and Sharon originally met in 10th grade. After Sharon switched schools they lost touch. They started talking again and had their first date in 2009 at the Lansing Art Fair.

Engagement Story?: In June of 2012 Sharon went on vacation to Puerto Rico with Nicks family to celebrate Nicks parents 30 year anniversary. A few days into the trip the family went snorkeling off the shore of a deserted island. While the rest of the family was practicing snorkeling off the beach Nick and Sharon went for a walk. Nick told Sharon to turn around so he could take a picture, when she turned around Nick was on his knee! That day Nicks Dad had to change his story for everyone we met from “This is my son and his girlfriend” to “This is my son and future daughter-in-law!”

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