Stephanie Tobin & Chad Roath

Date of Engagement: November 30, 2013

How We Met:

Chad and I met while attending Grand Valley State University. We first met each other in our Junior year, however we did not start dating until the following year. When we were Seniors Chad approached me at a Halloween party and said that he would like to get to know me better. I of course agreed:) We decided November 30, 2009 we were boyfriend and girlfriend and have been in love ever since:)

The Engagement:

Chad and I were going to Chicago for our four year anniversary of dating. Chad said that he would plan a nice dinner for us to celebrate. When we were in Chicago, Chad said to be ready for six o’clock and he handed me a gift bag to open at dinner. At six o’clock we walked down to the hotel lobby and Chad went outside to see if our ride was ready. A couple minutes later the bell hop approached me in the lobby and said “Stephanie your ride is ready.” Standing outside the hotel was Chad with a dozen red roses and he was holding open the door to a horse and carriage. It was the perfect night for a carriage ride in Chicago, we were able to see all the beautiful Christmas lights and it wasn’t too cold. As we approached a Christmas tree on Michigan Avenue Chad told the driver to pull over and suggested that I bring my gift to open on a bench beside the tree. In the gift bag was a book titled “Chad and Stephanie Through the Years.” The book was a collage of photos highlighting all the memories we have shared together. The second to last page read “The only picture missing of you and I is us saying ‘I do.’ “ I was immediately overcome with even more emotion and as I turned to the last page that said “Will You Marry Me” Chad was getting down one one knee holding a sparkly diamond ring:)!!!! I of course said YES!!!! We continued to enjoy the most romantic night of our lives and November 30, 2013 will be a night Chad and I will never forget:)

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