Sydney Close & Scott Holka

Sydney & Scott

Groom’s Parents: William and Diane Holka
Bride’s Parents: Richard and Kathryn Close; Randall and Kathleen Latham
Date of Engagement: November 24, 2016
Wedding Date: September 2, 2017

 How did you meet? We met a little over 4 years ago, and learned very quickly of our mutual love for country music and the Detroit Tigers!  We can’t wait to share our first dance as husband and wife to one of our favorite country songs!

Engagement story: It was Thanksgiving Day and we had done our usual routine of events for the holiday – We went to the Detroit parade in the morning with Sydney’s family, had an early dinner at Scott’s parents’ house, and then went over to Sydney’s parents’ house for dessert and card games.  After playing a few rounds of card games, we were all sitting around trying to decide what game to play next when Scott suggested we all go around and share what we’re thankful for.  So, Scott starts and says he is thankful for all of us, and we all took our turn sharing what we were thankful for.  When we were done, Scott then said “Well, really I’m most thankful for Sydney” and he had her stand up as he was getting down onto one knee…and the rest is history!  Sydney’s entire family including her siblings, parents, aunt/uncle, and grandparents were all there to celebrate in the joyous surprise. 

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