Teresa Wojnarowski & Tim Talty

Groom name: Tim Talty
Bride name: Teresa Wojnarowski
Groom’s Parents: Pam and Marty Talty
Bride’s Parents: Genoise and John Wojnarowski
Date of Engagement: 12/28/2016

  How did you meet? 

We became friends in high school and continued our friendship in college. As the friendship started evolving, we realized that we both started developing feelings. In a somewhat cliché story, Tim took the risk and asked me out at the beginning of our Junior year of college. We’ve been dating ever since. 

Engagement story: 

Very recently, Tim had been sick following Christmas, but asked me to clear my schedule for lunch in Detroit on 12/28/2016. He picked me up at my house, excited and smiling, saying he was feeling much better. After lunch, we walked along the riverfront since it wasn’t too cold and simply enjoyed our time together. Tim then asked if I wanted to take a picture by the Christmas tree at Campus Martius. Of course I said yes because he almost never takes pictures. Upon arriving at the tree, he asked a teenage girl to take our picture. She took two quick photos and Tim looked at his camera frustrated when he saw the pictures – they were distant and blurry (He later said he chickened out from proposing during the picture because she took them too quickly). So Tim said he wanted another person to take closer pictures. For the next 15-20 minutes, we stood by this tree, as I waited for Tim to ask someone to take our picture. He wouldn’t talk to me, wouldn’t look at me, but he kept pacing around the tree (Once again, he later said he was taking the time to find the courage to propose). With each person that passed, I grew more and more frustrated because it was getting colder and we weren’t going anywhere. I asked him what was he waiting for. After exchanging somewhat heated words, he finally asked an older woman walking by with gloves on. She hesitated as she explained she wasn’t familiar with phones. Tim showed her what buttons to press and she stepped back to get us in focus. As she started taking photos, Tim held up his hand and told her “one more, please”. In my peripheral vision, I saw Tim start moving and before I knew it, Tim was on one knee asking me to marry him. I was in tears, Tim’s eyes were watering…and the woman taking the picture was crying. After saying yes, the woman came to us with widespread arms, embracing us in a hug, telling us how happy she was and how we made her day. Tim thanked her for capturing this special moment and she left. Excitedly we looked at Tim’s phone, only to realize the woman never took any photos! We started laughing as we realized our proposal may not be perfect, but we’d have a story to tell forever. That’s how “our story” began.

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