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William Henry Studio

William Henry Studios was founded in 1997. The name comes from the middle name of the two owners Matt William Conable and Michael Henry Honack. All products are designed by Matt Conable who is the President of William Henry Studios. A crew of amazing craftspeople does all of the finish and assembly work in McMinnville, Oregon with all blade grinding being done by master blade grinder Kikuo Matsuda in Japan. Each piece will take over 7 months to produce, involve over 30 artisans and approximately 800 individual operations.

Every surface, both inside and out, on each William Henry knife has been completely finished by master craftspeople in their studio. This finish work allows them to create different textures and finishes with seamless fit between the various components. Our mechanisms are measured accurate to 0.001″ or about 1/6 the width of a human hair. To make a precision folding knife which has a mechanism that is both smooth and strong requires these tolerances. Every knife, when finished, is a custom piece. Each part has been fit and polished to that specific knife. No parts are interchangeable; no parts simply bolt on from a standard bin.

Why We Chose William Henry Jewelry For Men

  1. William Henry (WH) is proudly handcrafted in the United States in the heart of the wine country in Oregon. The company was founded in 1997 and currently employs over 20 craftspeople at the studio.
  2. WH is considered by our peers to make the best pocket knives in the world (having won 13 Blade awards in our 13 years of existence).
  3. Our aerospace level tolerances are 5/10,000 of an inch or 1/12 the width of a human hair.
  4. About 30 artisans will touch any given knife, pen, money clip or divot tool or cufflink. It is 6 months to 2 years to from conception to completion of a WH product. It takes about 800 steps to complete any given knife.
  5. On all WH products we use the rarest materials along with the finest craftsmanship and the most modern technologies to create pieces of functional art. We source our materials from all over the planet some of which are millions of years old and some from outer space!
  6. All William Henry products come with a limited lifetime warranty (we make it ourselves and we stand behind our products).
  7. Every WH piece comes with a presentation box and a certificate of authenticity that gives specific information about that piece right down to the day when it was completed.
  8. WH makes products that are heirloom quality and will be handed down generation to generation.
  9. We use ancient art forms such as Hand Engraving, Koftgari, Makie, Damascus and Mokume Gane in many of our pieces.
  10. William Henry creates a range of tools so perfectly conceived and executed that they transcend superlative function to become superlative art.
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